Inside Out

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“Every moment happens twice: inside and outside, and they are two different histories” ~ Zadie Smith, White Teeth

I have no interest in your opinion of the weather, or traffic. Sure, tell me the outside story – but only for context. What I want to know about is the inside story.

Is your heart still broken, or is it patched back together by love? Does it have a scar that runs across its width and breadth that will never fully heal – or have you found a way to live again? I want to know what lights you up. There is no greater joy than to watch a person ignite from the inside. What lights them is less relevant than the warmth that radiates outward as they speak. There is no greater beauty than watching a person’s laugh lines etch across the corners of their eyes as their lips turn upward in to a smile.

I want to know what leaves you under the covers unable to move for fear that a single step more will break you for good. There is no greater honour than being handed another’s grief. I am interested in your humility, not your humiliation. If you hand me your heart I will hold it with care. Tenderly, so as not to do any further damage. I want to know what is behind what I can see, the beauty that lurks.

I’ve just never been much for small talk.


2 Replies to “Inside Out”

  1. At the ripe old age of 63, I’ve never had much skill in small talk. I believe in the greater skill of being silent. How to live and feel (without the verbal diarrhoea that seems to fill most people).
    I always said I never married as I never met any man who knew how to be silent and comfortable sharing a silence with another.

    1. onethousandwordsorless says: Reply

      Ah well then I have prepared my son well for being a man who can share a comfortable silence. Thank you for visiting and commenting Vicki

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