Delicate Diligence: three months in rural Australia

Swallow nest building nature photoraphy

I have a pair of swallows building a nest in the eaves outside my window. I’ve been watching them work for days. They are delicate and diligent little things.

It occurs to me as I watch them that in Sydney birds in eaves are considered an annoyance and nests removed. Cynthia, the owner of my little wilderness cottage, tells me that she had a pair that used to return every year. I suppose out here there are more serious things to worry about such as running out of water, snakes rousing from their winter slumber, rats in the ceiling, or what one should do about the cows on the lawn. I am beginning to believe that too many needs being taken care of by modern convenience is the cause of a significant amount of unnecessary pettiness in city living. I think it would be healthier for us if we had to struggle a little more with the forces of nature.

This photograph pleases me, not because I took it and am happy with it but because it looks how I feel when watching these little birds at work.

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