The Battle of Bombo: in search of a Blood Moon on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia

Waves crashing against rocks at Bombo Quarry near Kiama on the New South Wales South Coast

If something happens once in a lifetime and you don’t see it did it happen? This is the question I ask as the freeway winds whip at my hair while I watch clouds gather in my rear view mirror. Concern building as they close in on the clear blue sky ahead. I am driving to […]

Life in the Big Hole: bliss filled days at Ellery Creek

My favourite thing about Ellery Creek Big Hole is the lackadaisical name, only Australians would reduce over 300 million years of geological activity to the phrase ‘big hole’. You can’t fault it for accuracy, the water is thought to be up to 27 metres deep in places. I like to imagine that the complex process […]

Welcome to Coober Pedy, the weirdest town on earth

Around campsites and caravan parks in Coober Pedy the leading question among travellers is: “Where are you heading?”. The unspoken understanding is that nobody could possibly have come all this way with Coober Pedy as the end goal. It is at least 6 hours from a major town north or south with nothing but 4wd […]

The Never Never

Trees and hills of Dunns Swamp

Australia is mostly green and brown … Most of us live in the brown and green bits. Less of us live in the biggest bit in the middle – desert and Outback, red dirt and sands, dingoes and giant red kangaroos, feral camels and pigs. It covers 70%-ish (nobody really knows) of this continent and contains less than 10% of our population. That’s a lot of space …

Wild Things

Two hikers taking a break Pagodas Lookout Dunns Swamp

Climb to the top of a hill with a friend, giggle until you burst, watch the sun set and a full moon rise, sleep under the stars, live out of an esky, savour the bitter taste of instant coffee boiled on a billy in the mornings, let the wallabies join you, watch the sun rise, go somewhere there’s no reception, sit by a campfire. Simplify life for a bit. Take a break.