The Never Never

Trees and hills of Dunns Swamp

Australia is mostly green and brown … Most of us live in the brown and green bits. Less of us live in the biggest bit in the middle – desert and Outback, red dirt and sands, dingoes and giant red kangaroos, feral camels and pigs. It covers 70%-ish (nobody really knows) of this continent and contains less than 10% of our population. That’s a lot of space …

Wild Things

Two hikers taking a break Pagodas Lookout Dunns Swamp

Climb to the top of a hill with a friend, giggle until you burst, watch the sun set and a full moon rise, sleep under the stars, live out of an esky, savour the bitter taste of instant coffee boiled on a billy in the mornings, let the wallabies join you, watch the sun rise, go somewhere there’s no reception, sit by a campfire. Simplify life for a bit. Take a break.

Vinyl: the pleasures of isolation, three months in rural Australia

Country Cottage Landscape Photography

In keeping with the spirit of this place a friend has loaned me a record player. My brother-in-law hand delivered some of my sister’s old records. The actual original vinyl we listened to as kids. Creases and marks on the covers that I remember well. There is a significant amount of Bowie getting spun and […]